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Custom labels, stickers & custom print are an excellent way to add value to your product while also giving your company a distinct image. mr labels & print creates custom labels, stickers, print & more for all industries in NZ. We can meet all of your print needs in one location, thanks to our factory in Hastings. We are experts in self-adhesive labels, print, & design.

Whatever your requirements are, we are confident in our ability to find a suitable & cost effective solution for you & your business. We have the full range of labels & print that your company needs, from labels to customised stickers to promotional print & corporate stationary. We are your one-stop shop because we will meet all of your printing requirements in one location & take care of it all for you.



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  • labels
  • print
  • glass
  • design
  • service labels
  • wine labels
  • carton labels
  • blank thermal labels
  • freezer grade labels
  • high tack vinyl labels
  • keg tags
  • bottle neck tags
  • letterhead
  • flyers
  • note pads
  • annual reports
  • booklets
  • brochures
  • order book
  • business cards
  • bin cards
  • ncr books
  • butchers paper
  • grease proof paper
  • promotional print
  • presentation folders
  • job cards
  • wine glasses
  • mugs
  • logos
  • editing 
  • branding guidelines
  • all design requirements
  • & more